Wedding Reception Music- Top Tips on Enhancing Your Wedding Drinks Reception and Wedding Breakfast

Setting the mood for a celebration

The drinks reception after the wedding ceremony is a time for congratulations all round. Musicians striking up as the newly married couple and their guests arrive sets a buoyant mood from the outset.

Any style which puts a spring in the step is appropriate. Light classical or Swing Jazz gives a “Ritzy” up-market ambience to the event. If you’re after a more friendly family feel, you might consider traditional tunes … Irish style.

Live Music in the background

Music for the wedding reception and breakfast is strictly a background affair. The main focus of attention, of course, is the bride and groom. The wedding music enhances the aura of happiness around the couple. It engenders a sense of relaxed togetherness and encourages chatter, rather than detracting from it.

The number of guests usually dictates the number of musicians needed to create the desired effect. With careful amplification, a duo will provide sufficient atmosphere for a party of up to 70 people. If your celebration is larger, you would be wise to consider a trio or quartet.

Later, your musicians can serenade the guests at the beginning of the wedding breakfast. The added quality and atmosphere that only live music can bring to an event is just the thing to turn your wedding breakfast into a truly memorable occasion.

Making the most of your wedding musicians

Make the best use of the musical skill at your disposal. When you book musicians to perform for you, you can expect them to perform (typically) three sets of live music, each approximately 45 mins long. Use the first set to make your wedding ceremony really special. Any band or ensemble will be happy to discuss in advance your options for each part of the service in order to help you make the best choices. Use the second set to create an up-beat atmosphere at the drinks reception. The final set will kick the wedding breakfast off to a really special start.

With careful use of your investment in live music you can add that extra-special “je ne sais quoi” that transforms an event into a truly memorable celebration … without breaking the bank! To find out more about wedding planning and wedding music in the UK, check out


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