THE Secret Weapon For Gaining Wealth

Recently a friend of mine was talking about all the opportunities that seem to come her way without her even searching for them. For example, someone tells her about a house she can buy as a rental property investment. Next thing you know, someone else tells her about another one. Then, she’s at a spa one day talking to the spa owner and now she’s investing in owning a spa.

What is it that causes such things to happen to one person and not another?
I asked her what the secret was. Can you believe it? The secret was so simple. It was GIVING.

Think about times in your life when you have been in your greatest flow of positive energy. During those times I bet you will remember that you were in a very generous state of mind, giving freely in various aspects.

I once read a Proverb that said, “If you want friends, show yourself friendly.” I now know that the reciprocal effect of everything is the same. If you want money, give money, if you want love, give love, and so on.

The other day, I gave money to an organization when I really didn’t feel like I could afford it. Because I had not used up my 10% tithe amount for the month, I decided I had better keep my financial integrity in tact and give the money. It’s unbelievable in a way, but the next thing I knew I had a check in the mail from previous work I had done and forgotten that I had not been paid. I got a new client in my life coaching business, who called me from having seen some of my work. And, I was able to get into a training program I wanted as a result of the other person’s generosity!

Here is something that may catch your attention. Jennifer is a newly graduated college student who has a heart for health organizations. She joined the Team In Training efforts of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation and is training to run the marathon in San Francisco this year.

What will she get in return?

Some of what she will get is:
Physical fitness.
Encouragement and support from family and friends.
Admiration from people who can imagine how hard that training is.
Fabulous training she can carry with her throughout her life.
Warmth from knowing she has honored a person who is living with and battling Leukemia
More than we can imagine right now.

What will you get in return for going to Jennifer’s Team In Training link and giving toward the cause? I don’t know. What I do know is you will be richly rewarded in some unexpected way.

If you want friends, give friendship; if you want love, give love; if you want money, give money.

About the author:
Juanita Bellavance, the author of this article is known for understanding what a client needs to succeed. She can look at what’s missing and lead a client into seeing for themselves their own power over it. Because of this realization of their power, people have a shift in belief level. And that shift ignites them into action! Visit Juanita at: www.surefireonlinetradingsuccess.comContact her at: