presents “The Insiders Corner”, from Michael Brush. presents “The Insiders Corner”, from Michael Brush.
New feature follows Insider Trading of small and micro-cap stocks.

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta B.C, Nov 30, 2004 –, a global investor news and research group of portals is pleased to announce it has added a new weekly feature for investors to track trends in insider trading among small and micro-cap stocks. proudly introduces “The Insiders Corner,” a weekly feature by well-known financial writer and author Michael Brush. Mr. Brush also writes a weekly market column for CNBC on MSN Money. Mr. Brush has covered business and investing for the New York Times, Money magazine and the Economist Group.

“The Insiders Corner” excerpt:

“Corporate insiders, as we all know, offer excellent signals about where the stocks of their companies might be headed – through the open market purchase and sale of that stock. After all, they have front row seats. The research services tracking insider activity, however, typically focus on big companies only. This is because these research services want to land big clients who can only buy big stocks.

That’s where our weekly “The Insiders Corner” column comes in. It offers analysis of significant insider purchases at small-cap and micro-cap stocks. That means anything under $1 billion in market cap. But generally the companies will be much smaller than that.

The insider signals at smaller companies like these can precede phenomenal gains in a stock, exactly because few investors are watching companies in this part of the market. These tiny companies, for example, typically don’t have any Wall Street analyst coverage. So in many cases, the insider signal is one of the only ways that we – as outsiders – can get the message that good things are about to happen.” – Visit each week for new updates

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Mr. Brush is the author of Lessons From the Front Line, a book offering insights on investing and the markets based on the experiences of professional money managers. does not make stock recommendations, but offers a unique information portal to investors and industry to research specific industry sectors including homeland security, renewable energy, nanotechnology, RFID, wireless and other industry sectors representing long term growth. is a top-ranked investor site on major search engines, and offers a series of industry-specific web portals used by industry leaders, institutions, government, media, brokerage firms, Fortune 500 companies, and investors to research public companies and the latest developments in various market segments.

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Mr. Brush is the author of Lessons From the Front Line, a book offering insights on investing and the markets based on the experiences of professional money managers.