How To Buy a Product or Service With No Money

I have been involved in an age old system of swapping goods and services for no money. The system is called “Barter”. The dictionary definition of this is “To trade goods or services without the exchange of money”.

I am an Affiliate Marketing Manager and my business is to develop online sales for companies that are either already trading online but need more sales or want to implement an affiliate program and don’t know how to or indeed have the time that is required in looking after a huge online sales force.

My story is I wanted to buy a hot tub for the garden and after research found the best one at £2300.00. My wife hit the roof so I went to the firm with my idea. I wrote a simple email offering them the opportunity of me implementing an affiliate program for them for their top of the range hot tub. I didn’t really expect a reply but 3 days after the initial email I had the company owner email me to ask for more details.

We chatted extensively on the phone and struck a deal. I would install the affiliate program software, place the affiliate program on the affiliate directories that counted and find super affiliates to start generating sales as quickly as possible. We agreed that I would receive my hot tub when the goals and objectives were met. I achieved them within a month which worked out to around 40 hours work, not a bad deal I thought.

I have since Bartered for a Plasma TV, an MP3 player, 2 Digital Cameras and am now looking for a car.

I have started a online community forum that is specifically for people want to start Bartering or even for people who Barter already view the site here

The Barter system is a fantastic opportunity for people to gain what they want by offering what is some surplus stock or some time.

About the author:

Edward Green
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