7 Effective Tips For Get a New Job FAST

In the last four articles in this series, we covered the four basic steps to finding employment. Defining, prospecting, applying and interviewing. In this final article, we giving you 7 quality tips which will help you cut valuable time off each step and therefore the entire job hunt process. 1. Don’t wait till you start looking for a job, before you start looking. Be up to date with your industry and the conditions of your employment environment all the time. Make this part of your job description in every job you hold. It could save you weeks when it comes time to find a job. 2. Keep your resume up to date Find a template or layout that you are comfortable with and maintain it. Update it twice a year at least. It will save you the mad scramble to put it together and possibly a lost opportunity because you were unprepared. 3. Network Network Network. Keep in touch with all your contacts in the industry. This includes workmates, employers, contacts at employment agencies, contacts in similar companies etc. You never know what other people will be doing tomorrow, or what opportunities they may have for you. 4. Accept interviews even if you are not interested in the opportunity, or not looking for a job. Interviewing is a very specific skill. Keep that skill honed. Keep practising the skill. You don’t want to lose “perfect” opportunies because it is your first interview in 5 years and you need to get your answers back up to scratch. Remember you do not have to accept the job. 5. Keep a diary of your experiences. Note what you did well with each job opportunity. What worked, what didn’t, improvements you could make, elements you can get rid of. Then, when you next go through an employment opportunity situation, revisit your notes, duplicate the good things and improve the bad things. Recognise the process as having a learning curve, and learn. 6. If you do not have a job and need one, make job hunting your full time job. Get out of bed at the same time you would if you were working in your given field. This will put your time clock in sync with your interviewers. Spend the same hours working on your job hunt as you would in the job. Be disciplined. 7. Keep focused Know what you are looking for and have a clear plan for achieving your goal. Do not accept roles that are different to your goals at the start of your job hunt. This could cost you years in your career. This is the final part of a 5 part special report on reducing the time it takes to get a job. Its not fun running around trying to win that job, this report is full of tips and tricks which will help you reduce your job hunt time to a minimum. The rest of this report is delivered in incremental articles which you can get by subscribing for the FREE newsletter at http://www.employedforever.com The entire series of articles will be sent automatically to you email address. Other topics covered include: Prospecting for Job Leads; The Job Application and The Interview Process. So to get your copy of this, entire report, by signing up for this free newsletter at http://www.employedforever.com or by sending a blank email to mailto:employedforever@pushbuttonresponder.com Till then, good luck with your hunt Damian Finally, a dedicated and systematic approach to ensuring you’re earning an income forever. Find out how, in four logical steps, you will never have money problems again. http://www.EmployedForever.com About the Author Damian Papworth has been a Senior Manager in one of the Fortune 500 to close on a decade. In that time he has employed countless new people to work for him. He knows what employers look for